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Charles Barkley Tells Every Person That Makes Fun Of His Golf Swing That They Are Losers Criticizing Him At Work While He's 'Winning' On The Course

[Source] – “Y’know, I always tell people, the people who criticize my golf game, you know where they’re doing it from? At work. They’re criticizing my golf game from work. I’m on the golf course chillin’. So I’m winning.”

Goddamn I love Chuck, especially for reasons like this. You think he cares about how bad his golf swing is? No. He’s out there to relax, drink a million beers and probably gamble. So he’s acting like every single one of us that goes on the course. Granted our swings don’t look like this

But he makes a valid point here. You know what’s better than being at work? Having such a great job that you get to golf any time you want. Who gives a shit what your swing looks like? You’re not in a cube. That’s all that matters. I can’t tell you how much stress went away moving from the cube to blogging life. I can’t imagine what the difference is moving from the cube to Chuck’s life.

Chuck truly is the average golfer though. Anyone who is an average golfer has had one of his shots and reaction before. The immediate short duck hook leading to the club toss and scream. This is where you typically just end up chugging whatever drink you have or going for extra tobacco. The next swing is 100% the one where you try to make up for it and swing out of your shoes and push it 40 yards right.

Dream golf foursome: Me, Bill Raftery, Charles Barkley and John Calipari. Give me that group instead of my dumb friends