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Rams Fans Booed The Absolute Shit Out Of Kawhi Leonard The Moment He Was Introduced During Today's Game

Well that settles it. I understand why the Rams lost today and why they deserved to lose. You don’t just come out here and pretend to be Lakers or sports fans and boo Kawhi Leonard. You don’t have the right to boo someone like Kawhi. More importantly you don’t deserve Kawhi. I say that assuming these Rams ‘fans’ are Lakers ‘fans’ too. Again, I use that term loosely since we’ve seen Rams home games be more than 50% filled with away fans and Lakers fans suck anyways.

The best is still Kawhi’s reaction, or rather lack of one. You think booing is going to get this guy upset? You think he’s going to show any sort of emotion because some people booed him for deciding not to play with LeBron. I don’t think so. He’s going to remember this and 100% use this as some sort of ammo in game 1 against the Lakers because he’s a lunatic.

I’ll tell you where this never would have happened. New York with Knicks fans. Oh, no. But then again, Kawhi would have been able to watch the next great quarterback in the league in Danny Dynasty aka Danny Dimes aka Danny Destina aka Daniel Jones. Kawhi and Daniel Jones just sharing a stroll down the Canyon of Heroes together. Probably regrets his decision playing with a championship contender and Paul George instead of the Knicks.