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What's Stopping Frank Gore From Becoming The All Time Leader In Rushing Yards?

Answer: absolutely fucking nothing.

He’s a shade under 3,500 yards away. He’ll pass Barry Sanders for THIRD all time by Halloween. If you went back to that early-2000s Miami backfield and asked which running back was going to have the best NFL career absolutely no one would have picked Gore. Frank Gore wouldn’t have picked Frank Gore. And that’s not a knock. Clinton Portis was the truth. Willis McGahee was the best running back in that backfield until Ohio State took out his knee. Frank Gore just kept his head down, got his injuries out of the way early in life, and now he’s chugging along in 2019 while the other two haven’t even thought about playing football in YEARS. As long as NFL GMs don’t become ageist and keep employing a man with clearly plenty of football left in the tank, I don’t see any way Emmitt Smith keeps this record for more than a handful of years.