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Kevin Durant Celebrated Turning 31 With Top Notch Steak And Some Video Games

For those who may not be aware, today is Kevin Durant’s 31 year old birthday. That means the next time we see him play basketball for the Nets he’ll be 32 coming off an achilles injury but that’s not the point of this blog. While some NBA stars might head to the 40/40 club or something to celebrate their birthday, I actually love this move by Durant. Listen we all get older and more washed, you can’t prevent it. You can fight it, but at some point going out and getting fucked up in the club becomes too exhausting. While it seems crazy because their lives are so drastically different from normal people like us, unless your James Harden I imagine that’s also true for NBA players. So Kevin Durant hitting up Dave & Busters shouldn’t be mocked, who doesn’t love a quality steak in an arcade setting? First off, arcades rule (RIP The Dream Machine), and Pop-a-shot is a quality selection. I’d even be willing to call it a must play game. Skee-ball too, an absolute staple. You ever go to one of those throwback bars that have a bunch of old school games and really cheap beer? Impossible to not have fun in a place like that.

You also have to remember, Durant loves Pop-a-shot and is even willing to destroy kids at it

which is why I need to see the score between him and Kyrie. Kyrie was shooting lefty which should be factored in, but these are two guys who want to be the alpha for this new BKN team. My money is on Durant. Now if I had to guess, I don’t think Durant and Kyrie left D&B’s to go to one of their apartments to have a sleepover and make pizza rolls. They most likely hit the VIP room after some wholesome entertainment. Sounds like a pretty fun birthday celebration to me.