The Danwagon Rolls Into The Meadowlands For Daniel Jones' First Career Start At Home

I was torn about opening up this blog with a GIF featuring our sweet injured baby boy Saquon. But the Daniel Jones Express has almost made us forget out best player is out for at least a month with an ankle injury. Almost. Regardless, the Danwagon is gassed up and being flanked by the Wayne Train as the guy who looked a whole lot like our quarterback of the future is unveiled to the MetLife faithful whose tickets are suddenly a whole lot hotter than they were a couple of weeks ago.

Fortunately for Daniel and everyone else who has put their entire soul into his success, the Redskins enter the game with the 20th ranked pass defense in the NFL through 3 weeks, fresh off giving up 3 touchdowns to Mitch Trubisky at home on Monday Night Football. Unfortunately for Daniel, two of the key secondary players of the Skins will be extra focused in causing chaos for the Giants offense because Dave Gettleman had the unmitigated GAUL to take the franchise tag off them once upon a time and allow them to find the short rich guy with glasses at FedEx with the word SUCKER written on his forehead and cash in beyond their wildest dreams. I could definitely see a scenario where those two guys ball the fuck out and are chirping before, during, and after the game. However, I can also see a scenario where the Giants pick them apart with an offense that completely opened up with a mobile quarterback that was willing to take shots downfield, Sterling Shepard takes over Odell’s role of making Josh Norman look like even more of a clown than he does on his own, and Evan Engram does to Landon Collins what other NFC East tight ends did to him for years.

Nonetheless, the Giants need to take advantage of the softest defensive matchup they will see in the near future considering their next two games are against the Vikings and the Patriots.

As for the other side of the ball, ummmmm, a good defense is a good offense? Or something like that? So far this season, Case Keenum is looking more like the guy that helped get Pat Shurmur the Giants head coaching job than a guy that helped Vance Joseph lose the Broncos job. It sounds like Terry Mclaurin will play despite tweaking his hammy on Thursday, which would have been a hell of a break for the GMen if he was unable to suit up. And Adrian Peterson will probably be running as hard as a 34-year-old running back with more than 3000 career touches to his name can run because he is playing to pay his bills. Brandon Scherff may not be able to play, which would be huge considering Trent Williams is still holding out because the R-Words are the Knicks of the NFL and their Center Chase Roullier will also be out for the game. The main reason I don’t want to see Scherff is because every time I see his name, I think of the shitty player the Giants scrambled to draft after Scherff was selected 4 picks earlier after being linked to the GMen for months, which was pretty much the Jerry Reese Special. However, that player just so happens to be starting Left Guard for the Redskins. That’s right, today Ereck Flowers makes his return to MetLife Stadium!

Now from what I’ve read, Flowers has been playing very well at Guard for the Skins. So good for him I guess? Even so, I hope Blitzin’ Jimmy Bettcher throws a couple of blitzes eWreck’s way to see if he can do a better job protecting Case Keenum than he ever did for Eli. And even if he does, there is no denying the Curse of Ereck Flowers that seems to plague a franchise

Blogger’s Note: In the words of Riggs, “Check the timestamps”

Okay, that’s enough talk about that big ol’ son of a bitch. Today is about Danny Boy hopefully proving that everything we’ve seen from him as a Giant is real and somehow turning around that putrid start to a 2-2 record despite not having our best player and our defense potentially being a goddamn sieve.

Also don’t consider this a tip or anything of that nature because who would blog something like that? But weather may play a factor in two guys not exactly known for their arm strength in college.

Time to sell some shirts!!!