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Lightning Almost Struck White Sox Dave Right After He Chained Himself To The Statue

Truly a proud moment for Barstool Chicago here. Dave finally chained himself to the statue AND we finally get to stop talking about Dave chaining himself to the statue. Big win for everyone in the branch. White Sox Dave might be the most blogged about blogger ever at this point, but we can’t not talk about that lightning strike happening right after he shackled himself. Spooked him right out of his chains! It almost felt biblical. Like the gods were welcoming White Sox Dave 2.0 to the universe. Don’t call it a comeback. I bust balls with WSD frequently, but I’m really glad he did this. Truly a powerful moment to watch as his manager.

Between us, it also had a pretty eery vibe to it. It was like how it starts conveniently thunder storming during scary parts in movies. Like poor Dave just got cursed after being forced to chain himself to the forbidden statue. Regardless, the WSD 2019 Broken Promises Tour is off to a hot start.