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Guy Jumps onto Train Tracks and is Immediately Pulled Off By a Guy Who Didn't Want His Commute To Be Even Longer

This clearly was no mistake. That guy wanted to kill himself via train slicing and dicing his insides. The guy who pulled him off did not care about suicide guy’s life, he just did not want his train to be delayed. It’s bad enough he’s taking public transportation, he doesn’t need his day to be ruined any further. The second he saw the guy on the track he was like oh hell no, I do not have time for this bullshit today. Immediately ran over there and got that guy the fuck off the tracks. The guy who saved suicide guy’s life is a hero not for saving his life, fuck that guy. He’s a hero for not making everyone’s commute 10x longer and getting blood and feces and internal organs splattered all over their clothes. Suicide guy is the biggest asshole in the world. Go overdose on pills. Go jump into a lake with bricks tied around your ankles. Go read some LA blogs. Certainly do not make your suicide other people’s problem.