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Dude Accused Of Beating Up Old Man In Bodega Defends Himself Saying The Guy Was Touching His Girlfriend

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Gothamist – The man accused of “wilding out” on an elderly man in a Clinton Hill liquor store last week says he was merely protecting his girlfriend from sexual assault. “Look, the guy was touching my girlfriend, I did what I had to do,” Matt DeSio told us. “This guy was like a bum and he was on her, and she was screaming for help. I was outside and came in and threw him off her.” DeSio also took issue with our characterization of him in the initial story. “It’s not fair the way it’s characterized in the media. If I didn’t look the way I did, it would not be that way,” DeSio said. “You know you guys are not funny, your snarky shit is not funny.” On Friday, the NYPD released images of a man who allegedly kicked and punched an unidentified 61-year-old man inside Lucky Liquor store on Myrtle Avenue. DeSio says he called the NYPD “immediately” after our article was published, and that he intends to turn himself in to police tomorrow. An NYPD spokesman added, “Allegedly he was supposed to work it out, and he’s missed a few times to come in.” DeSio’s attorney, Emilio Marino, has not responded to our request for comment. “First of all, I want you to know that I own a small business,” DeSio told us. “Secondly, I’m from Staten Island, I’m ex-military, I’m an Iraq War veteran, so the way that you characterized me was totally off-base, alright? And that’s not fair.” DeSio added, “I served my country as an infantryman, and you make me look like a fucking asshole.”

Look there’s no doubt I probably hate this guy. He just seems like a dick. But facts are facts – if some bum was rubbing up on my girlfriend I’d take action too. Now, I’m not ex-military. I’m a broken down Skinny Fat blogger, so the difference in my scenario would be that the senior citizen hobo would probably put up a decent fight. We’d be pretty evenly matched. I might even need my girl to jump back in and lend a hand. But the point remains – if a creepy old man is touching your girlfriend (who has a huge rack, by the way) you are within your jurisdication as a man to defend her and stop him.

Lot of moral dilemma blogs on Barstool New York today huh? If you don’t want to get run over by a car don’t threaten a man in a truck. You don’t want to get beat up by an hipster war veteran in a bodega? Don’t touch his girlfriend. Life is rarely black and white, folks. Lotta grey area in these scenarios.

But yea I still think this guy is a dick. Just something about his face. Looks like a total dick. The Iraq veteran of war thing really sways my opinion but I’d be lying if I said he doesn’t look like a hipster dick.