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Twitter Beef Alert: Antonio Brown Vs. Eric Weddle And An SI Journalist

At 12:04 PM, AB tweeted the tweet you see above. Golden Tate responded to it with a simple, “What???”

This set off the dominoes for the only AB vs. a safety matchup we are going to see for the rest of the 2019 NFL season:

“Dont need to. Isnt on a team” is an all-time response. No lies spotted. Only facts.

AB, who has all the time in the world, responded:

This was bizarre considering that Antonio Brown’s name on twitter is literally AB.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 5.27.18 PM

I hate when Twitter wars end with both guys coming to an agreement. It’s gross. So much better when the guys continue to hate each other. I guess AB is still going in on Weddle:

AB also took a shot at SI’s Robert Klemko:

This is in reference to Klemko’s alleged physical incident with a cab driver back in 2014, which he was suspended 4 weeks for by SI: