Addressing the Chick-fil-A sandwich issue at HQ

So Biz decided to buy Chick-fil-A for the whole office, some people are saying it’s because he felt outdone by Ryan Whitney who bought the whole office Shake Shack yesterday, I’m not saying it but that’s what people are saying.

Now in terms of the whole investigation regarding who took two sandwiches, I sit right by the bar and can say with absolute certainty that at least 45% of people took two sandwiches. I’m not gonna name names of who took them because I’m no snitch. But it was a big time monkey see, monkey do situation. People saw others taking two so they took two. Simple as that. Hell I even contemplating two but I decided against it because I’m a man of integrity.

That brings me to my next point, I happened to be listening to some show on Barstool radio that shall remain nameless (I just happened to be listening to sirius at the moment, it was my first time ever listening to that show to be honest) when I heard something that irks me to the core, “the interns who sit on the couches shouldn’t be taking free food”. First of all, I’m the only one in the area who is here on an internship-like deal. The rest of the guys have actual jobs here so the co-hosts are already wrong. Second of all, there was a company wide email saying that Chick-fil-A was coming to the office courtesy of Biznasty. So I don’t think we are in the wrong for taking sandwiches.

Did I take Shake Shack yesterday? No. Did I know that there was going to be a shortage of Chick-fil-A because people would be taking two sandwiches? No. Had I known I probably wouldn’t have taken one. I got up when I saw the sandwiches be delivered and that was that, I took a sandwich because I’m a Chick-fil-A fan, not because I saw it as free food. So I just think these co-hosts need to hop off their high horse and just relax because we are not the reason that people didn’t get any. 

It was an unwarranted attack on us and I wasn’t gonna let it slip by. I am more than willing to regurgitate the sandwich or hell even pay the five dollars to buy someone a sandwich whose day I truly ruined by eating a sandwich.

Note- I was writing this Youngstown Bob brought in more sandwiches for those who didn’t any. What a nice guy.