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BC Superfems Make The Best Anti Barstool Video Ever!

Did the Superfems really make this private? Come on ladies? Who do you think you’re dealing with here?

Barstool Sports Perpetuates Rape Culture and Misogyny from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.



This video was AWESOME! Like you know how I know the Stool is funny? Because I laughed out loud like 5 times during this thing. I don’t even know who wrote the “Could Serena Williams Rape You” blog but that’s fucking funny. I pray it wasn’t Neil. I’d have to rehire his ass. And how about that comment about Alex Morgan? “Good luck catching that ass…this chick runs like a flat chested gazzelle.” Gold Jerry Gold!

Anyway you got to tip your cap to these BC Superfems. This must have taken a long ass time. I mean they must have spent days going through everything we’ve ever said and pulling it all out of context to make this video. I’m kind of touched by it really. They just don’t quit. The world is passing them by and they keep ranting and raving about this made up rape culture bullshit. I love this part…

So is the theory here that Barstool invented rape? That before the Internet existed girls didn’t get sexually assaulted? That only after I cracked that skinny jeans joke guys decided rape was cool and acceptable? That seems to be what they’re saying right? Of course without searching for useless statistics to fit my argument I’d bet my ass that this 1 in 4 sexual assault stat was the same in 1970 as it is now. IE – We have no impact on rape. There are fucked up people who commit fucked up crimes and that’s never gonna change. Trying to pin the blame on us is as asinine as it gets. But let’s not let common sense get in the way of a good Women’s studies feminist rant.

Listen everybody with a brain knows rape is awful. Just like murder and kidnapping and the billion other heinous things that we always make fun of are bad. Anybody who claims that playing Guess That Ass somehow promotes rape is probably more deranged than the actual person committing the crime.  Hell according to the Superfems Alex Morgan promotes rape too by appearing in Maxim. So keep hating Superfems.  I drink it like Koolaide.  And yes lunatics feminists like these who fight imaginary battles set back the real women’s right movements more than they could possible know.   Everybody just gets lumped into a big barrel of crazy.  Like oh you’re a feminist?  You must be batshit right?

PS – I never understand the point of videos like these?  Is it to get other looney bin feminists not to read Barstool?  My guess is they probably don’t read us anyway.  Like anybody who is insane enough to think there is a shred of truth to any of this already would hate us and not read it.  The other 99% of the population who aren’t lunatics have already made their choice.