Someone Turned 'Billy Madison' Into 'Succession' And It's Absolutely Phenomenal

What are two of the hottest things right now? Succession as the best show on TV and nostalgia. Combine the two and you get absolute heat. That’s why this video is perfect. It also helps that Billy Madison is one of the greatest movies of all time, so yeah, I might be biased that things with that included will be awesome.

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve seen Succession or not. This trailer works perfectly and would be a blockbuster show or movie. In fact, I’m pretty sure Adam Sandler can get this on Netflix and I’d spend 90 minutes watching it no questions asked.

The ending to the video is really perfect though. With the name being crossed off to the O’Doyle’s car going off the cliff and the music going. That has me ready to start tweeting that this needs to be made. Plus, that Veronica Vaughn