Vince McMahon, Still Jacked At Age 69 (He's Probably Doing Gallons Of Steroids Again)

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I think Vince McMahon thinks we think that he doesn’t do steroids. That may sound confusing but hear me out. He’s created a billion dollar industry of men tumbling around in tights. He’s sold the world on “wrestling”. So why wouldn’t he think he can do a shit ton of steroids, flex for a photo and tell the world he’s just super jacked for 69 years old. Vince McMahon, better than ever, and also has enough money to buy Steroids we don’t even realize exist yet. Just a little hard work in the gym and you can look like him guys! Good to be the King.








A good amount of us probably have dads that are in their 60’s, and I’m just going to assume not a single one of them looks like this.



h/t mike and sam