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Normal Day For 16-Year Old: Score A Goal At Manchester United To Force PK's, Rush Back To School To Take A Psychology Test

[Source] - The 16-year-old Rochdale defender, who made headline news Wednesday night for scoring against Manchester United to take their Carabao Cup tie to penalties, is back at Trinity C of E School in Hulme, Manchester today.

Because Matheson, who was also Rochdale’s youngest ever debutant before Peter Thomas broke his record, is supposed to be sitting a psychology test on Thursday – just a day after stunning the Red Devils.

Ah, yes. Just a regular day in the life for a 16-year old. You remember those days? You struggle waking up in the morning, get a bowl of cereal in before getting ready to go to school. Or in the case of Luke Matheson you go to Old Tafford and score a goal against Manchester United in a 1-1 tie before ultimately losing in penalty kicks.

Everyone remembers those days.

Personally, I think it’s bullshit he has to go take a psychology test today. I mean this isn’t just a varsity soccer game where you get out of class a few hours early to travel, play a game and you’re back in the next day. This dude went and scored at Old Trafford! Give the guy an A- and let him just hang out, learn something from the NCAA and really UNC here about fake classes one time.

The other thing watching and reading this did to me? Get pissed that Freddy Adu never made it big. Sure, he may have actually been 23 when people said he was 15, but that’s not the point. Freddy Adu was going to save US Soccer. He had all the skills and was dominating early on. What if he would have scored in a match like this? Zero chance he would be going to school that’s for sure.

At the same time though, this dude gets to walk through the halls with every single person knowing what he just did. He’s going to have girls throwing themselves at him. He’s going to have guys asking to be his best friend. That’s a feeling you can’t duplicate so I get wanting to go back to school.

Just your everyday life of a 16 year old, I guess.