Wake Up With Maybe MVP, Alex Bregman Walking Off The Athletics In The Strangest Way Possible

Baseball, baby. You always see something you've never seen before. Like maybe you see possibly MVP, Alex Bregman hit a ball less than 10 feet and it ends up as a walkoff like you see here. Literally hits a ball that backspins foul and then fair again, Jonathan Lucroy picks it up and tries to tag Bregman, he gives him he okie doke, somehow Lucroy just straight up drops it, Bregman heads to first, Lucroy attempts to make the throw to end the inning, but he sails the ball into the outfield and the Astros win on the run coming in from second. I mean anything that could have gone wrong for Oakland went wrong. What a spectacular play to watch though, tons of moving parts, and good for Bregman for not just standing there because he thought it was foul and getting tagged out. I still don't know how Lucroy dropped the ball, did it have butter on it? Who knows. What a wild scene.