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Here Lies Rex Ryan, Verbally Slaughtered By Baker Mayfield

Clapback? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Because this was a clapback of epic proportions. Rex Ryan wants to sit there between bites of his Twix bar and call Baker Mayfield overrated? That’s fine by me. I think Baker is a great personality, I think he’s a pretty good quarterback, but he’s nowhere near an MVP-caliber quarterback like some folks would hype him up to be. So yeah, I don’t think that Rex Ryan is necessarily “out of pocket” here for saying that Baker is overrated.

With that being said…if you come at the king, you best not miss. And when it comes to shit talking, Baker Mayfield is clearly king. So Rex Ryan may have taken that first shot, but it was merely a flesh wound. Baker then followed that up with an all out nuclear assault. “If you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter. And Rex Ryan doesn’t have any colors right now for a reason”. That’s a one-punch knockout right there. In just about 20 words, Baker Mayfield has ended Rex Ryan’s entire existence. I’m not even going for hyperbole here. That is a kill shot. My lord.