If The Jacksonville Jaguars Truly Cared About Jalen Ramsey's Health And Well Being, They'd Send Him To Philly

NFL: SEP 19 Titans at Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey is clearly in a lot of pain and anguish. First he had to battle through a severe case of influenza. Did know that the flu kills thousands of people every year? It’s no joking matter. Jalen Ramsey was dealing with a potentially deadly virus. And then once he got over his case of the flu, it would appear that Ramsey is now dealing with a back injury. Perhaps it’s because his body was weak from fighting off the flu. Perhaps it’s because he’s been having to carry the Jaguars’ defense over the past few years. Nobody really know but between the flu and now the back injury, it has been a terrible week for Jalen Ramsey’s health.

Now you’d think that the team that employs Jalen Ramsey would be doing everything in their power to help him get healthy and they’d be taking his health as serious as possible. But what are the Jacksonville Jaguars doing? They’re sending Doug Marrone out there to laugh about it. As if this is some sort of sick, twisted joke.

Disgusting. What about this is so funny to you, coach? Makes me sick. Not as sick as Jalen Ramsey was but definitely close.

So here’s the thing–the Jacksonville Jaguars have one chance here to make things right. They have one opportunity to show that they truly care about Jalen Ramsey as a person rather than just Jalen Ramsey the football player. If they want to be the most selfish and maniacal bastards on the planet, they can keep him in Jacksonville. But if they actually care, well then they should send him to one of the top healthcare cities in the United States–Philadelphia.

It just makes sense for everybody here. The Jaguars get some picks back in return. The Eagles get a true #1 CB and probably the best corner in the league. And Jalen Ramsey gets to go to the hospital to get himself checked out and cured. Win-win-win. The only thing preventing it from happening would be if the Jacksonville Jaguars are ran by a bunch of actual villains. This is about more than football. This is about a human being getting the treatment that he deserves. Do the right thing, Jacksonville. For once in your lives.