Case Closed: Dennis Smith Jr. Says He Never Got Paid To Play At NC State Because He Drove His Grandmother's Car

[Source] - Smith said he did not take any money from Gassnola and neither did his father, Dennis Sr. If he had, “he would not have been driving his grandmother’s car” while he was at N.C. State, he said according to the memo.

Well that settles it. Dennis Smith Jr. did not get paid to play at NC State because of the car he drove. Open and shut case.

Listen, I have no problem with dudes getting paid. I think I’ve made that very clear. I’ve made it clear that every student-athlete should have the right to get paid on their name, likeness and image. But this explanation is just absolutely hilarious. I can’t get enough of it.

That said, when the reports came out that alleged that Smith was paid to play at NC State everyone sort of shrugged and went yep, sounds about right. It was the least shocking thing in the FBI report. I don’t know what’s funnier. The explanation or if Smith just played into it all and rode around like Big Time Willy and Jesus Shuttlesworth

We’re starting to hear more from this report with notice of allegations being sent out, possible sanctions and people fighting it. I still hate the whole damn thing (unless it takes Duke out and finally proves that K isn’t clean like everyone knows). It’s a waste of time. The fact people are in jail for this is insane.

Just don’t even consider that Smith got paid at NC State. His shitty car proves it.