A's Reliever Lou Trivino Cracks Rib After Fall In The Shower And Will Miss The Rest Of 2019

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Oakland Athletics reliever Lou Trivino will miss the rest of the regular season and likely the playoffs after cracking a rib falling in the shower.

Manager Bob Melvin said Tuesday he did not expect Trivino to be available in the postseason should the A’s secure a spot after the 27-year-old right-hander was injured in his Bay Area apartment last week.

”We’re saying, for sure, the regular season,” Melvin said. ”He’s going to get a second opinion, I think, at some point in time here, but it doesn’t look great, unfortunately.”

Yikes! This is a brutal blow for A’s. Nothing like having one of your main relievers miss the stretch run and postseason because he slipped in the shower and broke a rib. That’s some Mets shit. I am not here to make any light of the situation because I feel for the Oakland A’s fans, minus Dallas Braden because he’s a terrible human being. Carrabis is too busy being a fake Astros/Brewers/Dodgers fan to realize real news has happened. I, on the other hand, am here for you A’s fans despite our fierce, gruesome rivalry.

This now leaves Oakland without Trivino and Blake Treinen for October. These two guys were pillars in the A’s bullpen last season before Treinen imploded in the AL Wild Card Game against the Yankees. Trivino was untouchable for three innings, however. This year they’ve both been quite mediocre for whatever reason. Still they present the capability of shutting down a game with how good their stuff is. Liam Hendriks has stepped up his game and become unstoppable although I’m still onto that guy for just deciding to become un-hittable at the age of 30. That’s neither here or there.

As for Trivino’s injury, A’s fans must be livid that their players aren’t taking baseball seriously. You’ve got guys showering without any safety precautions taken. Shower shoes, ever heard of them? I know the A’s budget probably doesn’t allow for each player to have their own shower shoes, but safety is priority right? I know the stadium possum and his entire family share the same showers as the players, but you can’t be breaking a rib in the tub right before October.

I’m heart broken for A’s fans out there. I’m DEVASTATED for Dallas Braden that his boys will likely get bounced from the ALDS without a fight, if they even get to that point. I’m rooting for the A’s. I want them to knock out the Astros, so we don’t have to in the ALCS, but that won’t happen when you’ve got guys recklessly showering. The shower and the tub are a sanctuary that should never be taken lightly.