R.I.P. 2013 New York Giants: 09/08/13 - 09/29/13


What’s left to be said? I wish it was one thing, but it’s not. It’s the line on either side of the ball. It’s the lack of a run game. It’s injuries. It’s going 1-13 on 3rd down while allowing the Chiefs to convert over 50%. It’s Hakeem Nicks shooting his mouth off after last week’s loss & saying “I can’t throw it to myself” when he apparently can’t catch it himself either. It’s leaving points on the field going into halftime. It’s special teams. You name it, the Giants suck at it. So yeah, maybe the Chiefs and Broncos will smash everyone in the division & make a couple of Big Blue’s losses a wash – but the way they’re playing right now, it doesn’t matter. They’re closer to a top-5 pick than 5 wins, and that’s just reality.