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This Video Breaking Down The Steve Ballmer And Bill Gates 1995 Windows Launch Party Dance Celebration Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Just another absolute masterpiece from Mike Camerlengo. This is the same guy who gave us the breakdown of the Zach Morris/AC Slater fight that Clem blogged and It’s Always Sunny as NFL teams that Kate blogged.  He also gave us this gem

However, I’m in love with this detailed breakdown of Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates and the rest of the Microsoft crew celebrating the 1995 Windows launch. It’s one of the most famous videos out there with just unbelievable dancing. Hell, Ballmer was a lunatic then and still a lunatic now.

The video really has it all. It shows a crew of friends dancing and celebrating. It also shows exactly who they are – Ballmer as the wild card, Gates as the nerdy one who keeps the glue together, etc. You can look at your crew and figure out right away who is who.

The most accurate of all the breakdowns? Ballmer’s aggressive clapping being compared to that of a little league coach, a guy buying a boat and someone trying to stop a dog from shitting on your porch. I can see it all now and have done that clap to my dog to try and get him to listen. Also, Steve Ballmer not being able to control his arms? You don’t say:


I didn’t know this all-time video could get better, but here we are.