OOPS! Couple Adopts Sweet Little 6-Year Old Who Turns Out To Be A 22-Year Old Sociopath


TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. – A couple accused of abandoning their adopted daughter said the allegations are false and they are the actual victims.

Kristine and Michael Barnett adopted a Ukranian-born girl with dwarfism in 2010, but they abandoned her in Lafayette in 2013 when they moved to Canada.

They are now accused of changing the girl’s age from 8 to 22 before they left, and they told the girl to tell other people she looks young for her age.

Tippecanoe is a little over 2 hours South of Chicago. I don’t expect you to know that because I didn’t until about 30 seconds ago when I looked it up but that’s not the point.

Point is we’re off to a weird start here because we’ve got a couple just abandoning their adopted daughter and going to Canada. Regardless of truth here, overcoming “abandoning their 6-year old adopted daughter” allegations is a pretty big hurdle. And by pretty big, obviously I mean you’ll need a goddamn magic trick to stay out of jail so let’s see what we got:

In an interview with Daily Mail, Kristine said the adoption was a “scam,” and the girl is actually an adult who has made a career out of fooling people into thinking she’s a young girl.

Kristine told Daily Mail she and her now ex-husband agreed to an emergency adoption from an adoption center in Florida. They didn’t know many details about the girl’s background.

And there’s our smoking gun. A career fooling people into thinking you’re a young girl usually means you’re on a casting couch somewhere. Not defrauding your adopted parents out of money and trying to kill them.

Within the first few weeks, Kristine told Daily Mail there were signs their new daughter wasn’t actually a young girl. She had a sophisticated vocabulary, she shunned other children, and she had a period.

Say what?

[a bone density test] suggested she was at least 14, so Kristine said their family began treating her like a teenager.

But then Kristine said the girl started making death threats against them. She allegedly tried to poison Kristine and push her into an electric fence, and she attacked a baby.

Those teenagers.

The Barnett family took the girl to a state-run psychiatric unit to get help. During treatment, the girl allegedly confessed to being much older, and she said she wanted to kill her family.

When she was kicked out of that facility, Kristine said they helped secure housing for her in Lafayette. They continued to pay for her housing when they moved to Canada.

This is where things really get bizarre because the Barnetts have some super genius son that’s winning prizes in physics. Apparently that’s why they moved to Canada so he could get smarter or something. That’s a good sign of dedicated parents so you know the Barnetts aren’t playing games. Just weird to think about what you’d do if the kid you adopted was actually 22. Would you just leave them in a central Indiana apartment while you moved to another country? I feel like you need to do a little better than that but same time I’ve never been pushed into an electric fence by a 22 year old masquerading as kindergartener.

The girl was evicted from the apartment in May 2014. By then, Kristine says she vanished and stopped returning her calls. The woman fears she stopped taking her medication and is posing as a child for another family.

Now is the time I have to ask you if you or a loved one has accidentally adopted an adult woman int he last 5 years. If so, your life may be at risk.

As for the Barnetts, the reason this is back in the news in the 1st place is they’re actually facing charges from the State of Indiana under BIZARRE circumstances. From a detailed report on Daily Mail

‘I am being charged by the state of Indiana for crimes against a child when the state of Indiana has determined multiple times that Natalia was an adult.

Bad things happen to good people. I’ll just say that. One day you’re executing an emergency adoption in South Florida to save the life of an undocumented Ukrainian girl battling dwarfism. The next day you’re conducting bone density tests because you noticed period stuff (work with me guys) in the bathtub and nothing adds up.

I’m not trying to be insensitive I’m honestly saying this has to be one of the most disappointing purchases of all time. Like you think your used car sucks. Try bringing a baby home that’s a grown ass woman with needs. Real talk and as a married guy that’s an ambush I wish on no one.