The Best Movies From Each State Bracket - Massachusetts Vs New York Baby!


ICYMI, I started a bracket using the results of your guys voting on my 50-week states blog. For all the rules/setup etc. make sure to check that link. You can find the in-depth results from week 1 here, week 2 hereWeek 3 here, and week 4 here.


Wow, who could have possibly seen this coming! A mostly northeast based blog voting MA and NY into the finals? The odds were low, but its like JR says…

Sarcasm aside, this is actually a powerhouse matchup. Lets take a quick look into each state’s contenders.


#1 Good Will Hunting

It’s dramatic, intense, infinitely quotable and a cinematic classic. It’s one of those movies that almost everybody, regardless of taste, agrees is among the best movies of all time. It established Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as serious actors, and was probably Robin Williams best performance. Major RIP to a legend.

#2 The Departed

Maybe the most Scorsese movie of all time (in the best way possible), ‘The Departed’ is easily one of the top 3 crime/mob movies of all time in my opinion. Think about that, ‘Goodfellas’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Scarface’ etc. Monumentally great performances from the entire cast, some of the best dialogue scenes ever written, and and INCREDIBLE finish.

3. The Town

Shoutout to RA for being part of this legendary flick. Affleck was outstanding both behind the camera and in front of it, and this was one of the most tense/thrilling crime movies ever made. The opening heist? Bah god, someone help my ailing heart.


#1 Goodfellas


This is actually the best mafia movie and Scorsese’s best movie in my opinion. A perfect cast, perfectly shot, and incredibly well written. Also maybe one of the sneaky best soundtrack usages ever.

#2 The Godfather

If you were to poll 100 people off the street and ask them what they thought the best movie of all time was, more people say ‘The Godfather’ than anything else. I think that’s really all you have to say.

#3 Gangs of New York

6 movies, 3 Scorsese classics. I don’t particularly like GoNY nearly as much as his other work, but it’s a definite work of art. Daniel Day Lewis’s best performance? Tough to say.

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