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One Week Till The Puck Drops! Time To Fire Up The Isles Bandwagon! ALL ABOARD!

Watch your step, watch the gap! Lets get this shit rolling folks! I feel like I opened up the garage, pulled the tarp off my trusty old Wagon, pumped the tires, changed the oil, fueled up and I’m ready for a full 82 games. Last year’s lockout shortened season was cute. A little first round battle with the Pens was exciting. But thats last season. The past is the past. This team is returning almost every core player. A handful of guys already established and the rest ready to break out. Okposo sporting the “A” on his sweater. Matt Moulson, who 500% should have been given an extension this offseason, poised to have a career year. And when Clutterbuck returns to the ice him and Matt Martin are just going to assault the entire league game in and game out. Those 2 animals might register like a thousand hits between them. Fuckin Fulton and Portman out there. Even Tavares’ tenant Colin McDonald looks like he’s ready to rock.

And then of course there’s the Captain. Johnny Hockey. The most promising athlete in New York City. As I fire up the bandwagon its time that the Stoolies rep JT as he marches towards his first MVP this season. Got an absolutely fire shirt ready to toll, its just a matter of picking which colors so lets vote:

Option 1:




Option 2



Either way its an absolute home run. I’ll let the people decide the colors:

Vote 1 for the blue shirt with the orange circle background, Vote 10 for the white shirt blue circle background

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