Apple Users Complaining That New iPhone Update Is Making Them Nauseous


NEW YORK Apple’s iOS 7 brought several new features to the company’s iPhone and iPad.  But the transition animations between the home screen and the individual apps have not received as much attention from technology reporters.  Now, some iPhone fans are claiming the transitions are making them sick. Michelle Barna, 31, told ABC News she has been hesitant to update to the newest version of iOS because of those animations. “I played around with iOS 7 on my girlfriend’s phone and I felt nauseous,” she told ABC News. “I’m a huge Apple fan and I haven’t made the update yet because of it.” A message thread on Apple’s forums has become a venting ground for queasy and frustrated users. “I had severe vertigo the minute I started using my iPad with iOS 7. Lost the rest of the day to it … And not happy at all. It’s the transition between the apps flying in and out,” one person wrote.

First off all, I’d be willing to bet almost 100% of the people experiencing nausea from their goddam cell phones are chicks. Chicks are “nauseous” or have a headache 100% of the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its not the new operating system on your cell phone, its the fact that you’re a dramatic chick and you think something is wrong with you at all times. I mean don’t get me wrong, I feel like a bag of shit all day every day too. Multiple hangovers a week, out of shape, eat poorly. I feel like crap all the time, I just don’t feel the need to voice it or blame everything on it. And I’m certainly not gonna claim a goddam cellphone is causing it. I mean fucking vertigo?? “Severe vertigo??” Lost your whole day to it??? This is honestly why terrorists hate us. They hate us because of people like the Kardashians but they also hate us because the general public is walking around complaining that their $500 computer phone is so technologically advanced that its ruining their day.