Friday Afternoon #MailTime: Breaking Bad Edition

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An extra 40 minutes of MailTime early on a Friday this week dedicated to the Breaking Bad finale. If you’re one of the stereotypical white TV nerds that feel like Breaking Bad is more important than actual human relationships in their life, then you’ll eat this up. Just spinning theories and discussing possibilities. I think the beauty of this show is going in to the final episode nobody really has any idea of whats going to happen. Millions of theories out there and yet there’s no doubt Vince Gilligan has thought of something we haven’t. Who gets the ricin? Who lives? Who dies? Who wins? Who loses? Literally dozens of different ways it can all go down. Plug in, listen up, hypothesize with us, think it all through, and sign up for the Breaking Bad Ricin Pool. Pick who gets poisoned and how it all goes down for a chance to win Barstool gear.

If you’re not into Breaking Bad, you can listen to yesterday’s MailTime for your more standard hour of laziness and bullshitting.