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Caps Swap Goalies with Buffalo, Acquire Jaroslav Halak for Michal Neuvirth at the Deadline


Fucking George McPhee. Year after year, it’s deadline deals for upcoming UFAs. Nothing of substance. Trying to make a playoff push. It’s only about getting in the playoffs to save his ass. Remember last year when he traded our 2nd best prospect for Martin Erat? Remember yesterday when he traded Erat and an OTPHJ for a bag of pucks?

Now today, bringing in Halak. Halak is good, don’t get me wrong. He’s good. You might remember him from Montreal when he made himself into a brick wall and crushed my hopes and dreams. But goaltending has not been the issue at all. It’s hard to tell, because the Caps give up so many shots. But goaltending absolutely is not the issue in DC. It’s their defense. They have rotated something like 6 different AHL dmen this season. Blown 14, yes 14, 2 goal leads. Make way too many mistakes in their own end. Haven’t had a true secondary scorer since Alex Semin left.

I don’t understand how GMGM built a team around Ovi that is not built to win a cup. And then the deadline does and he goes crazy trying to plug holes that don’t need to be plugged in order to try to go after that first round exit. Fucking sucks.

Interesting to see if they try to resign Halak. And then what does this say to Holtby?

Caps are not a cup team. Penner helps, getting rid of Erat helps, and hopefully Kuzy coming from Russia is a good spark. But none of them play defense. None of them can shut down another teams number 1 line. Not good times. GM gotta go.