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How Many People Are Gonna Be Fucking In These Hotel Bedroom Suites Built In A 2022 World Cup Stadium?

We see crazy shit happening in stadiums across the world now. Whether it’s building crazy restaurants, a pool, a barbershop or whatever in the stadium to help draw numbers, nothing is that shocking anymore. That said, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar just presented the new, best idea yet.

I do look forward to the viral videos of people getting caught banging in this thing. It’s going to be like old Blue Jays games all over again. Some Brazilian couple getting horned up seeing their beloved country in the semifinals. Nothing more romantic than that.

Hotel bedroom suite. It’s going to be the only way to watch games from here on out.

Now, sure, Qatar is a piece of shit and FIFA is so corrupt that it’s the only reason the World Cup is being played there. And sure, it’s going to be roughly 150 degrees during games, that’s why you can only watch from this suite. The air conditioning is worth every single dollar they charge for this. Doesn’t matter who is playing.

This is just truly the best of both worlds. The older I get the more watching games from my recliner sounds better and better. That obviously changes whenever there’s a big college football game – put me at Kroger Field for that. But a random Giants/Dolphins game? Plant my ass in the recliner. But if you’re giving me a bed, table, chairs, air conditioning with the ability to walk out and be outside in the arena? That changes everything.

Fuck the World Cup being in Qatar though and fuck it even more if the US screws around and doesn’t qualify again.