Nelson Agholor Has Seen The Video And He Handled It Like An Absolute Champ

The only thing I could think about yesterday as this Eagles fan/hero continued to go more and more viral was whether or not Nelson Agholor had seen the video yet. I was trying to figure out if he’d have friends or family who told him to just stay off of social media for the day. I was trying to figure out if his phone was blowing up with everybody tagging him in the video to the point where he simply couldn’t avoid it. I was trying to figure out if the Eagles social media team would have the courage to show him the video for the first time and record his reaction.

Well the answer to the question is that, yes, Nelson Agholor has seen the video and he handled it the best way possible.

He could have been extra salty about it. He could have been petty about it. He could have just ignored it all together. But he got roasted in that video, took the high road, and is now trying to get this hero out to a game. That right there is a master clinic on professional athlete PR. And that’s twice now in two weeks that Nelson has handled getting shit on by Eagles fans about as well as any professional athlete could. Here was his response after his drop in Atlanta.

So you know what? It’s not time to be out on Nelson Agholor again. His first two years in Philly were an absolute disaster. Then he was able to figure it out and was a huge piece in the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl a couple seasons ago. He’s taking his lumps right now but he’s not salty about it. He’s not doing what plenty other professional athletes would do in this situation and start challenging the fans to get out there and try to make the plays themselves. Those types of responses always just reek of insecurity and mental weakness. But that’s not Nelson Agholor. So sure, he’s had a few really bad moments over the last couple of weeks but he’ll get better. Especially once at least one of Alshon or Desean get back out there and he doesn’t need to be WR1 anymore.

Now here’s to hoping that man and at least a couple of those flying babies get to make it out to a game at some point this year.