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Jonah Hill Is Reportedly In Talks To Play 'The Riddler' or 'The Penguin' In The Robert Pattison Batman Movie

Got a little late Monday news for ya folks, courtesy of our pal Justin Kroll over at Variety – Jonah Hill is in talks to star opposite Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ (due out June 2021), as either ‘The Penguin’ or ‘The Riddler’.

A few years ago, this casting choice might’ve raised some eyebrows, putting Seth from ‘Superbad’ in such an iconic, coveted role, but at this point…I think we’ve all accepted that Jonah Hill is a flat out brilliant actor. He’s been nominated for 2 Academy Awards (for ‘Moneyball’ and ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’) now, has starred in what we now look back on as some of the greatest comedies of our generation, and even made his screenwriting/directorial debut last year with ‘mid-90s’ which RULED!

It seems the hangup is actually that Jonah may be too big, as he’s tryna get $10 milli for this role, and Robert Pattinson apparently isn’t even gonna get $5 million, which is tough. I really hope they come to an agreement and he lands on the Edward Nigma role (which is heavily rumored), though, because I feel like he’d NAIL that. I also still dig the idea of Andy Serkis as The Penguin, so I’m hoping that pans out.

If they’re really doing ‘The Long Halloween’ with this one, we’re gonna be in for a WIIIIIILD movie. It’s probably my favorite pure Batman story ever in the comics; I prefer only Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ to it, but that ain’t pure Batman, you know? It’s Batman towards the end of his life, with a new chick he just met as Robin, with Superman and politics and whatnot…you know what I mean, right? Maybe you don’t.

Here’s what I’m trying to say – ‘The Long Halloween’ is a MUST READ comic book if you enjoy Batman as a superhero, and if Matt Reeves’ is adapting that like people seem to believe he is, and he nails the landing, it’ll be one of the best Batman movies ever.

Oh, by the way – WE HAVE OUR NEW COMMISSIONER GORDON! I can’t believe I almost forgot!

Jeffrey Wright is gonna play ol’ Jim. I really dig this casting choice as well, based only on Wright’s awesome performance in the second ‘Hunger Games’ movie. Take my man card, I dare you. Those flicks were fun. Also, as much as I love Justin Kroll, god damn him for letting us know what could’ve been…

I’m sure Jeffrey Wright is gonna crush, but…I’ll forever be imagining Mahershala Gordon now.