Terrence Howard Rambled On And On About How He Has Figured Out The Secret To Life And The Universe And Gravity Isn't Real Or Something

It goes sort of under the radar how crazy Terrence Howard is. I blogged about it 4 years ago (4 years!!!!!) about how Terraece Howard created his own math system and a language of symbols called Terryology. And as it turns out, that wasn’t just him going through a phase, he’s legit lost his marbles, as you can see above.

“So Terrence, who are you excited to see tonight at the Emmys?”

“Well I was able to open up the flower of life properly and find the real wave conjugations”

“…uhhhh, Marvelous Mrs Maisel, that’s a pretty good show, huh?”

“All waves are curved and straight lines don’t exist and gravity is fake and oh yeah 1×1=2″

So yeah, he’s a verified looney tune.

Also, big into hitting women, which also weirdly goes under the radar.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.02.42 PM

And now he’s rewarded with a star on the Walk of Fame? Hollywood is weird, man.



PS: It’s easy to write off Terrence Howard’s theories but after Tom from blink just blew the lid off the entire “aliens are real” thing, I’m going to think twice before second guessing anyone anymore.