'Yo, I Got This Crazy Story No One Knows' - Andre Iguodala, On How He'd End Up In Memphis Right After Kevin Durant Left For The Nets

[Source] - “Yo, I got this crazy story,” Iguodala tells NBC Sports Bay Area. “No one knows. No one knows this story. But I have a sense that something is going down; Bob Myers and I are pretty cool. We have our conversations, so we’re on the same page. It was, ‘It might happen, but it might not. Most likely, it will. So, we’ll see.’

“So, I’m texting my wife, telling her I’ll probably get traded because I think it’s 100 percent sure, even though everyone else is saying, it’s only a chance. Then, once KD (Kevin Durant) left, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ll probably get traded. They’re probably going to do a sign-and-trade, so they can get something back, to at least get assets for him.’ No one was thinking that. But I was thinking they’ll want to get assets back because they can’t just let him go. And they’ll probably move me as well. So, she asked me where I thought I would go. I said, ‘I don’t know, I’ll probably end up in Memphis or some s–t.’

Andre Iguodala is one of the more unique dudes in the NBA. He’s got his business ventures, he’s redefined his game, he was one of the best dunkers in the game and he’s always been one of the best quotes out there. Now, if you remember correctly he was traded from Golden State to Memphis in order for them to land D’Angelo Russell.

Obviously Iggy doesn’t want to be in Memphis and prefers to play for a contender as he’s in his last years. Memphis, instead of just buying him out and letting him sign wherever, is trying to find someone to trade for him. No one is currently trying to trade for him. So it’s bit of a standstill.

But really this is about how goddamn smart Iguodala is here. Just out here calling his shot that he’ll end up in Memphis – arguably the worst team in the league this year. It also just shows the ripple effect Kevin Durant’s decision had with the Warriors. He leaves, which means they are trying to keep star power. They land Russell and have to get rid of a guy like Iggy. Then you have the Klay injury and Livingston retiring.

I am always interested in these stories with pro athletes. I want to know what goes through someone’s mind like Iggy here when there are rumors of him getting moved from the Warriors. Also just shows the difference in Iggy having some sort of communication with the Warriors front office vs Lonzo having no idea with the Lakers:

Now we wait and see what Memphis does. I get their side of wanting a return on the trade for him. I get trying to wait and see if a contender will give you an early 2nd round pick or something like that. Hopefully we get to see Iggy play meaningful basketball one more time because he’s still so damn fun to watch defensively.