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Celtics Vs. Knicks Game 2 Live Blog


People have been up my ass that I haven’t talked about the Celtics vs. Knicks series so far. Sorry I’ve been kind of busy manhunting terrorists and shit. Anyway if you follow me on twitter you should already know how I feel about this series. Not only would I be stunned if the C’s don’t win tonight, but I’d be stunned if they don’t win the series outright. A part of me wants to put the $150,000 we’ve raised in tshirt money and put it on the Celtics series line +500. That would be a quick 750K. Probably get a Library named after me and shit. Because there is one thing I know about this Celtics team. When the going gets tough they get going. The Knicks on the other hand haven’t won a playoff series since color TV was invented. No way they get their first series victory in the modern era against this team. No chance.

PS – This terrorist thing sucks so bad because I feel like breaking out the KG Uzi rant now is in bad taste.

Mortal Lock – Celts in 6 +500