Patrick Beverley (A Complete Lunatic) Ran Into LeBron's Private Dining Room To Brag To Him About The Clippers Landing Kawhi And Paul George

[Source] - And so the deal actually gets done. [Adrian Wojnarowski reports] that Kawhi has not only agreed to sign with the Clippers, but the Clippers are trading half their future for Paul George, it’s a stunning development. And it all goes down while those players are at the same restaurant in various private rooms. 

The story that I heard was that Patrick was making a beeline down the hallway of private rooms — sticking his head into all the rooms gloating about the Clippers’ giant haul — including into LeBron’s room.

Goddamn I love Patrick Beverley. The guy is a complete lunatic and that’s the utmost compliment. On top of that he fucking HATES LeBron. I mean he legit hates the shit out of him.

This is a dude who did anything and everything to get to the NBA. After Arkansas, he spent time playing in the Ukraine, Greece and Russia just to get his chance. It took him over 4 years to finally make the cut with the Rockets. Would I prefer he didn’t dive a dudes knees? Absolutely. But, he’s turning into a must-watch type character because you never know what the hell he’s going to say or do.

I can’t say I’m surprised that he started gloating about the Clippers landing Kawhi and Paul George. This was the video that came out that night in Vegas:

We just need the story of what exactly Pat Bev said to LeBron and what LeBron’s reaction was. This man is eating in a private dining room and you have this crazy lunatic running around screaming. I can’t imagine that scene.

This is where I’m glad the Clippers have a guy like Pat Bev and Montrezl Harrell. These are the guys that help make this rivalry fun. Sure, Kawhi and Paul George make them good. But you need crazy and Pat Bev gives us crazy.