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Uh ohhhhh, now the Giants have a quarterback that can throw AND Run! Usually when a QB and a safety are in a foot race, you would give the edge to the safety. But that’s not the case when Mothafucka Jones is the one getting the edge and making your angles irrelevant. Sterling Shepard knew that was 6 the second Danny saw daylight.


Everyone laughed when teams asked Daniel Jones if he would be interested in playing tight end during the draft process. But I saw it as people viewing him as Nerd Gronk. Both have incredible speed for their size but instead of making 69 jokes, I bet Daniel Jones makes pythagorean theorem jokes. Oh yeah and runs like two freaks of nature that also play his position.

But seriously 9 for 13 for 96 yards and a rushing touchdowns his first two drives which both resulted in points ain’t too shabby. And good thing too, because the Giants going to need all the points they can get with that Swiss cheese defense. Fuck we suck. But this game and season isn’t about wins or losses. It’s about finding out if we have a quarterback. So far, so good.

Buy a shirt now because I’m officially tempted to pull these from the store just so we know who was with us from Day 1.


Also shout out to JT for bringing back the Danny Scoots nickname just in time for Daniel Jones’ NFL debut. I needed that nickname and this visual back in my life.