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UFC Mexico City's Main Event Was Called Off Because Of An Eye Poke 15 Seconds In And People Are PISSED

Going into UFC Mexico City, Yair Rodriguez vs Jeremy Stephens was reeeaaally the only fight I was looking forward to. I think a lot of fans felt the same. One being a fantastic knockout artist capable of some of the most insane video game type shit you’ve ever seen in the octagon, and the other being Jeremy Stephens – this matchup was just awesome. So I waited all night, watching fights that ranged from great to mediocre, but all for the night’s main event.

It then ended in 15 seconds after Rodriguez accidentally raked Stephens’ eyes, and the mothafucka couldn’t open em for the next five minutes. Herb Dean did a great job of trying to give Stephens as much time as possible, especially probably knowing how much has gone into this for the veteran…

…but it seemed like a pretty cut and dry case. I mean, the doctor couldn’t pry his eyelids open as hard has he tried, so I thiiiiiink it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be fair to make him fight one of the most dangerous men in the world for five rounds. It fucking sucks, especially for the fans in attendance, who threw trash at Stephens and into the octagon afterwards, but it happens. This is MMA. You know?

Yair was freaking the fuck out in the octagon, too, just so upset and disappointed, and he snapped at Michael Bisping in the octagon like I’ve never seen a fighter do before. Super uncalled for, but whatever. He was emotional and apologized. Yair then apologized to Jeremy Stephens and called for them to run this one back, which I think they should definitely do, but who knows. Yair might wanna just fight next weekend.

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