I'm Moving LSU Offensive Lineman Adrian Magee To The Top Of My Draft Board

Scouting offensive linemen isn’t easy. People don’t always know what they’re looking for, the proper traits to scout. It’s not always easy to get inside a man’s head and know what he has in between his ears. Luckily for the rest of the scouting world, I exist and am here to make your job substantially easier.

Heading into last year’s draft, it was widely agreed upon that Quenton Nelson was the most can’t miss prospect on the board regardless of position. A lot of folks pointed to his balance, others how he worked with his hands, some because of his superior intellect in which he approaches the game. But really it’s because he is a goddamn savage.

Quenton “Earl Grey” Nelson not only throws defenders through the Earth’s crust but he’s also been known to tea bag anyone and everyone who tries to tackle his pals. From the looks of it, we’ve got a similar prospect down in the Bayou in Adrian Magee. The only thing this highlight was missing was an Iverson Stepover moment, which I’d love to see him work on before he gets to the next level. But that’s what college is for: working out the kinks, smoothing out your game so that when you do hit the pros you’re ready for whatever they throw at you. But a double-kill mixed in with some stare downs is a great start and enough to have him at the top of my early 2020 Big Board.