Chinese Dude Growing A Nose Out Of His Forehead To Replace His Injured Nose

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.23.40 PM

Huff Po - Surgeons at a hospital in China have grown a new nose on the forehead of a man who injured his original honker in a car accident, according to Reuters. The operation — which at first glance resembles a Mr. Potato Head toy gone wrong — requires doctors to place a skin tissue expander on the man’s forehead, cut it into the shape of a nose, and plant a piece of cartilage removed from his ribs. The medical team hopes to compolete the transplant surgery soon.

Oh hell no. No fucking thanks. I’d rather be the guy with the flat face n0-nose than be the guy with a fucking schnoz growing out of his goddam forehead. I mean how long is this process gonna take? How long is this guy gonna have to walk around with a fucking nose on his head? Because if its any longer than like a week, no thanks. Doesn’t matter how nice your new nose looks after the transplant, you will forever be known as the dude with a goddam honker growing out of your dome. Better to just have a fucked up nose than be known as that guy.

PS – Imagine if this happened to Portnoy? You would need a Rihanna sized forehead to grow a replacement beak for Pres. Not even kidding, if Pres needed this, I think he’d make Feitelberg grow his nose for him. He’d make Feitelberg walk around for months cultivating a nose on his forehead and then just snatch it for himself to replace his broken sniffer.