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BREAKING (But Not Shocking At All): Kansas Basketball Is Expecting Multiple, MAJOR Violations From The NCAA

[Source] – The NCAA is preparing to issue a notice of allegations that details multiple major violations in the Kansas men’s basketball program, The Star has learned.

The notice will come, sources told The Star, after a summer of speculation following a top NCAA official saying the organization would make findings against schools involved in a pay-for-play recruiting scheme investigated by the FBI.

Former Adidas employee T.J. Gassnola testified in federal court last October that he made payments of $90,000 on behalf of Adidas to the mother of KU basketball player Billy Preston and $2,500 to the guardian of Silvio De Sousa. Gassnola also said he agreed to pay $20,000 to Fenny Falmagne, the guardian of De Sousa, to help Falmagne exit an agreement to send De Sousa to Maryland, an Under Armour school.

One of KU’s NCAA issues could be Gassnola’s relationship to Self and assistant Kurtis Townsend as revealed in court. Text messages showed that during the time KU was recruiting De Sousa, KU coaches were aware that Gassnola was in contact with De Sousa’s guardian, Fenny Falmagne

Now this is just an incredible Friday news dump. I mean let’s wait until Antonio Brown is being released by the Patriots and everyone is checked out ready for a weekend of football.

Now we’ll drop that we’re ready to be hit with multiple, MAJOR NCAA violations. I almost respect them for just flat out not giving a fuck and hiding it under the biggest story in the NFL right now.

I mean, can’t say I’m surprised. Kansas was all over the FBI investigation and those trials. It was only a matter of time before some sort of violation came out. Now I am curious to see what the hell these violations are, well rather the penalties. Kansas is a blue-blood program. We’ll see how hard the NCAA goes after a school like that, one that is expected to compete for a national title every year.

Good news though Kansas fans. Perhaps you’ll have to vacate that Final Four trip in 2017 when Villanova just flat out embarrassed you while setting historic shooting numbers. No one will be able to remember it then!

Just an A+ news dump though, Jayhawks. Enjoy sweating out what these violations are, Kansas fans. Feels good to not have to worry about anything.