Has There Ever Been A Show As Good And As Bad As Dexter?





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Dexter has been so bad for so long now, I never expected much from the series conclusion. As a matter of fact, looking back, after showrunner Clyde Philips left following the Trinity Killer in season 4, thats where you can basically pinpoint its decline. Makes perfect sense that after the executive producers and main writers left, the series went to shit. But the final episodes and the series finale were so, so, so, so bad, its almost disrespectful. Like I try not to be a TV snob but the fact that I watched 8 seasons for that ending is almost insulting. A terrible storyline, terrible villain, outrageously unrealistic circumstances in a show I already suspend a serious amount of reality, and a corny ass ending that I’m pretty sure left 100% of the viewers disappointed. There’s like one asshole on twitter arguing with me that it was awesome and I think he’s the only person on the planet. [SPOILER ALERT, but who really fucking cares?] I mean for fuck’s sake he walks right out of a hospital with a dead body, drives his boat directly into a hurricane, and then ends up being a fucking Lumberjack.

So that begs the question – has a show ever had higher highs and lower lows than Dexter? I consider Season 1 with Ice Truck Killer and Season 4 with the Trinity Killer as two of the best seasons of TV of all time. The Bay Harbor Butcher storyline was solid too, but those 2 villains and the twists and turns in those seasons were top notch. I still think Season 4 could have ended the way it did and it should have just been the finale right then and there. Would have been perfect. But instead we carried on with Julia Stiles and fucking bodies in barrels and Ukranian mob bosses. Maybe the worst love storyline ever with Hannah McKay even though she’s a fucking ROCKET. Honestly thats like the only good thing you can say about the last few seasons of Dexter – Deb got sexy as shit and Hannah McKay is like the hottest chick on TV. Other than that, terrible.


The only series that kinda compares is Lost. I think Lost had the highest of highs, and the finale was a complete disaster. But only because there was so many unanswered questions and loose ends and crazy storylines to try and wrap up. The last episode was just weird and out of left field and disappointing, but it doesn’t compare to how laughably bad the Dexter finale was. Also Lost didn’t suck for multiple seasons before concluding. Other than that, no show compares to the roller coaster that was the genius and the eventual dog shit that was Dexter.