17 Years Ago Royals 1st Base Coach Tom Gamboa Was Attacked On The Field At Comiskey Park

(I know I’m a day late)

This was such a wild day. Like one of those days you distinctly remember if you’re a Chicagoan. You see people run on the field all the time, but to have them actually attack one of the players/coaches of an organization is legitimately insane. I remember everybody just being like who the fuck are these dudes and what the hell happened here.

Still to this day they gotta be in the Top 5 of the biggest Chicago trash bags of all-time, right?

(And, no I’m not shitting on Sox fans with low hanging fruit here. 95% of their fans are great. I will group in the 4 I know personally who are awful and are making me miserable because the Cubs currently stink though)