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Tom 'Least Controversial Figure in the NFL' Brady Saved TNF from His Couch

penalty flags

This is what true power is. Anyone can quarterback a team to six championships. [Author’s note: This is patently not true; it’s just a rhetorical flourish.] But only one man has the power to save the NFL from itself from his living room. Only one man carries such moral authority that his mere digital words can affect the live events unfolding in a stadium a thousand miles away.

In the 1st half, before Brady’s Tweet:

Tennessee: 7 penalties for 65 yards
Jacksonville: 3 penalties for 30 yards

In the 3rd quarter, before Brady’s Tweet:

Tennessee: 0 penalties
Jacksonville: 0 penalties

Name another human being with that level of absolute control. Forget it. You can’t. It’s like his sixth ring was the sixth Infinity Stone, and with a mere snap of his mighty fingers, he can make a half of shitty football go away. It’s like Troy Aikman said, what Tom Brady says carries weight because he’s the least controversial figure in the game. And Twitter responded almost unanimously:

That, my friends, is the level of esteem in which Tom Brady is held. And it speaks to the degree of influence he has that even Jamal Adams follows his lead:

Yup. Jamal Adams. He stopped following the Jets and took any mention of them down off his social media bio. And he physically assaulted Pat Patriot. And he has the dubious honor of having to slow down Brady’s offense this Sunday. But he follows Brady and recognizes that when the least controversial figure in the game is right, he’s right.