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Wake Up With Pedro Guerrero Throwing His Bat At David Cone
What a starring match we had take place here, eh? David Cone and the Mets vs Pedro Guerrero and the Dodgers. Pedro didn't like Cone pitching inside. They literally just starred at each other during each and every pitch. Cone came inside with a looping breaking ball that got him and boyyyyy did Pedro not like it. Guerrero goes full Machado and throws the bat at Cone. It misses by like 40 feet, but he made it pretty clear that the lumber was supposed to hit Cone on the mound. There wasn't much of a fight after, just some pushing and shoving in a crowd, but cooler heads ultimately prevailed. Get ready for this, Guerrero received a 4 day suspension and a fine of $1,000. Hooo boy were they lenient back in the day. Pretty crazy to see a guy do it this blatantly.