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Police are Looking for Two Amish Guys Who Were Drunk Driving a Horse Buggy But Got Away

SourcePicture this: Two Amish men drinking alcoholic beverages while operating a horse and buggy carrying a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra and outfitted with a giant stereo system.

It’s not something you see every day. But the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio say that’s exactly what they witnessed during a routine patrol in the county’s Amish community.

Deputy Eric Hermsdorfer came across the men while on patrol the early morning of September 15. When he attempted to stop and question them about drinking and driving, they leaped out of the buggy and disappeared into the woods by the side of the road, according to a police report.

Meanwhile, the horse pulling the buggy also took off, but Hermsdorfer caught up to it. The men, though, were gone. …

Dragovich also said drinking and driving laws still apply to the buggy, even if it’s pulled by a horse and not licensed. …

Still, he’s encouraging the two men to come forward and retrieve their horse and buggy.

I’ll give the Trumbull County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department credit for one thing. It takes a lot of integrity to admit that two Amish guys buzzed on hard ice tea and Chic-elob Ultra gave them the slip. A lesser law enforcement agency might have simply covered it up, just to save themselves the embarrassment of admitting drunken farmers evaded capture like a couple of Pennsylvania Dutch Whitey Bulgers. That’s a big admission.

But again, it shows a lot of integrity. It’s putting the needs of the public ahead of your own image. And it’s necessary because the public needs to know these dangerous men are on the loose. That these fugitives have no respect for the law. That they’ll bomb along the side of the road at speeds at up to 10 miles an hour, with no concern whatsoever for the safety of others. That they’re not only desperate to escape capture, they’re experienced in the use of pitchforks, axes and plows. Worse yet, based on what they were drinking, they’re watching their carbs. If ever a situation called for a hard target search of every warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in Trumbull County, this is it.

Besides, we’ve seen what happens when these Amish drink. They have low tolerance. And on the rare occasions they break bad, things go sideways, fast.