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Let's Check Back In With The E-Scooter Problems

PSA for scooter users

If you take the scooters into your home in order to save it for when you feel like using it. I just feel you should know, you are a cheap, selfish, inconsiderate pile of cat shit. I wasted 20 minutes of my time searching for one this morning. The 3 closest to me were stored inside random homes.

Newsflash: THEY DONT BELONG TO YOU!!! They are intended to be readily available for anyone willing to pay at that moment. You hoarding them inside your home is against the rules.

If you really want to scoot around without having to walk to the nearest one, shell out $1500 and buy your own scooter. Stop causing everyone else to waste their time looking for a supposedly available scooter that is actually hidden behind a locked door. And no, I don’t care if you have limited options of getting where you need to go. Go blow an Uber driver if your desperate to get somewhere.

For everyone whose cities don’t grace them with scooters in the middle their sidewalk every morning, let me clarify what this reddit user’s struggle is here. For starters there’s 10 different companies who each toss their own type of E-Scooter out to the streets right now. Each brand requires its own app that one must download in order to operate their scooter. These apps have a radar showing you where nearby scooters of their brand are. Once you catch a blip, you walk however many blocks it is to it’s location. The struggle comes in when you trudge all that way and see that the “available” scooter, that appears from the radar to be in front of the house you just voyaged to, is in its living room.

I don’t know if we can throw Scooter Susan in the rankings with Permit Patty and Barbecue Becky just yet. People parking the city’s rental scooters next to their beds every night is a fair yelp, but of course people are going to do that. When the E-scooters were first announced that was exactly what I thought people would do. You can’t stop it either. It should honestly just be established as fair game at this point. Just rip the tracker out to keep if off the radar and then continue to pay the rental fees every day. It’s not stealing if you’re paying to use it. In-home rental look it up.

PS- We’ve come a long way since week 1.

scooter tree

I’d consider this progress.