Cindy Crawford Released An Untouched Picture From A Photoshoot To Show The World What She Really Looks Like And It's All Just A Stupid Marketing Campaign

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I love when people do this and then get endless praise for “being real” and exposing our “appearance obsessed” society or whatever the fuck will come of this. This was so strategic. Why? Because Cindy Crawford doesn’t even look bad in this picture. She’s FORTY EIGHT years old. That’s the hottest 48 year old I’ve ever seen. So “releasing” an un-photoshopped picture of yourself to show the world what you really look like when what you really look like is super hot for your age is lame. It’s this fake illusion of “putting yourself out there” even though you’re still pretty damn hot and literally no one will bash you for this. Now all the women in your age group will say, oh Cindy is just like us, she’s so real, lets buy whatever product she’s selling and boycott all those photoshop models. It’s a marketing campaign through and through. Nice try Cindy, I may be dumb but I’m not stupid. You want to take a risk, you go tits out for the boys in a sitting down position next to the dreamiest Tight End in the NFL. That’s how you put yourself out there and give a middle finger to our image conscious society.





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*probably not a box big enough to be perfectly honest.