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Tekashi 6ix9ine's INSANE Testimony Part 2: A Thread

tekashi court sketch


We're back with the Part 2, the final chapter of Tekashi 6ix9ine's testimony. If you thought the first day of his testimony was crazy, boy do I have some shit to lay on you for part 2. This will include his testimony from Wednesday and Thursday. Keep in mind his turn on the witness stand started Tuesday morning and was supposed to end midday Wednesday. It went all the way through Wednesday and Thursday. Bananas. Lets dive in.

Wednesday kicked off with Tekashi's testimony of how he would distribute money he made from music amongst the gang.

God damn! Tekashi was getting taxed 26% by Trey Nine?! This man was already giving 20 off the top to his management (Who was Trey Nine) and another 26 just to "feed the wolves"? With that and what he's paying his lawyers there's no possible way he's coming out of this situation with money in his bank account.

Now onto what is in my opinion the juiciest stuff from the entire case, his beef with Tripe Redd and the real behind the scenes of what happened. These stories are stunning.


Well there's a lot to unpack here. Just some quick background Tekashi and Trippie Redd were signed to the same label. Trippe first and Tekashi came after. Trippie was the artist the label was putting more time into until Tekashi started to astronomically take off. Trippie got jealous of that and the online beef started. Apparently is much deeper for Tekashi and came at a time when he really got wrapped into the gangster persona. Hearing that they actually tailed Trippie with loaded guns and one of his boys "Harv" even snuffed him is insane. It's been so long I almost forgot how wild and blatant 6ix9ines crew used to be just blatantly yelling shit on the streets even with Tekashi becoming a huge rapper. Anyways I guess Harv did enough with that punch to become his bodyguard.

This next story is absolutely insane. How he had beef with another Trey Nine member named "Snow" for talking shit about him on a podcast and they way they handled it. Let's just say "Snow" is no longer with us…….

Holy fuck. Clearly a lot of discrepancies amongst the gang of whether Tekasi was really down for the set or not. Having to call on OG on FaceTime to vouch for you is the most 2019 version of gangster shit I've ever heard. I was cracking up when I read that part. Like calling your big brother to confirm a story with your buddies. Unreal. I think Snow saw that move and just said "fuck it I'm gonna rob this guy". It wouldn't be the worst decision considering Tekashi was walking around the streets of New York with $70,000 worth of jewelry hanging around his neck by himself. Somehow Tekashi manages to escape and get back to his place to meet up with the higher ups in the gang and follow him. "A month later he was shot in the head" was jaw dropping. No word on what involvement Trey 9 had with the shooting of "Snow" but if you put a gun to my head I would guess those two events had some correlation.


Next is the story of a fight Tekashi and his boys got into at LAX. Here we go.

"Yeah but I didn't land any punches" hahahahaha. It's so wild the way this whole thing went down. Not even this specific situation but just the way Trey 9 literally manufactured Tekashi into a rap superstar by giving him street cred. Insane.

It's so clear the way these guys just fleeced the hell out of him. Constantly running his pockets for more money and beefing amongst themselves. In a situation where Tekashi couldn't win even this was a recipe for total disaster.

Shelling out 25k and 30k for artillery like they're a god damn military. Next Tekashi talks about a time they went to Times Square to confront Trippie Redd. This might be the craziest story from this entire saga.

Holy fuck. Literally pulling up to TIMES FUCKING SQUARE with fully loaded guns ready to potentially shoot at/in the direction of Trippie Redd in broad fucking daylight! How can you take rainbowhead literally anywhere and be low-key. It's literally impossible. And the guy is walking around with a fully loaded gun on him.

Now he's snitching on French Montana's bodyguard? Literally no one is safe lord have mercy this boy is doing some singing.


If you haven't picked this up by now, Shotti is clearly the most reckless dude in the gang. A loose cannon who doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone. This story a storing of some shootings that went down in Brooklyn.

Shotti chill the hell out you sick bastard! Do you have to shoot everyone? Good lord. Clearly he takes the job of protecting Tekashi seriously but to chase these guys down and shoot them for just fucking with Tekashi is bonkers.

Actually not the worst judgement call by Tekashi. Moving on.

The last part of Day 2 is pure comedy. Tekashi finally realized he's not about this life and was looking to pay his way out of the gang. Enjoy.

Just picture this scene in real life. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Actually pretty sad if you think about it. Seems like Tekashi didn't come out of the womb a bad egg. A young kid who made a series of awful decisions and got involved with the worst people possible. Speaking of his baby mother and daughter I genuinely feel bad for them and hope that they stay safe throughout this whole thing. They don't deserve to pay for Tekashi's actions.

Now on to Day 3.


Quick timeout to explain to all the old crusty white people in the room what "On deck" means. Got the Henny on deck. Classic.

HOLY FUCCKKKKK. Video from inside the car when Tekashi was kidnapped. Tekashi was getting finessed by the feds and extorted by his entire gang. SHEEEEEESH.

Now Jim Jones is involved?! WTF is going on!?!?!?!? (calling him a retired rapper is low-key very funny)

Can't imagine it's easy to hear all your former "friends" call you a pussy.

Tekashi trying to sprinkle in that he used to trap on his own before he joined Trey 9.

Yeah I punched a guy (with Shotti present) and grabbed a fan, what of it? - Tekashi 6ix9ine


Now the cross-examination begins from his former gang members lawyers.

Apparently this was still at a point in time when Tekashi was still trying to tell himself he was about this life.

Apparently this was the point in time when Tekashi realized that he in fact was not about this life.

Admitting on record to ordering a hit on Chief Keef. You can't make this shit up people.

What a lot of people are failing to remember about all of this is that with the extent that Tekashi has cooperated, he could be out of jail by 2020. The biggest elephant in the room of this whole thing.

Seeing clips of Tekashi from a year and a half ago now is WILD. Like watching Barstool Sports Advisors on Monday morning.  Time has an incredibly understated way of making people look really smart or really dumb.

Gotta admit, ducking away from oncoming bullets is not only not surprising, but seems like the logical move if under circumstances.

Good lord did he get saved with that objection. I would have loved to hear his interpretation of his popularity in jail. Can definitely understand the concern with still having fans. Gonna be really tough to root for the guy after all of this. Everyones getting thrown under the bus. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. I bet that nurses son 15 year old son still bumps GUMMO on the regular.

"I want all of my music to be perfect" what a line to end it on.

I'll be putting out a Part 3 version that will cover the rest of his testimony today after the lunch break and whatever leaks into tomorrow if need be. Someone in Hollywood has got to write script using Tekashi's life as a movie. Normal from kid from Brooklyn gets approached by a gang, dyes his hair rainbow, tattoos 69's all over his body and becomes a viral rap star only to get extorted by his gang and end up snitching on all of them. That's a human interest box office hit right there.