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Breaking Bad Texting Spoiler Prank



Oh give me a fucking break. Like anybody would care if Marie died right now. I suppose I’d be pissed because I didn’t actually get to watch that whiny bitch die, but it not like I’d be all fired up about the plot spoiler. Nobody is gonna see that pain the ass ever again, one way or the other.

On a related note, the only thing whiter than being obsessed with Breaking Bad and analyzing its symbolism is complaining about Breaking Bad spoilers. Its the mere definition of White People Problems of First World Problems. I swear to God if someone that I voluntarily follow posts anything about this episode on my Twitter feed that I voluntarily look at I’m gonna be so pissed! I’m busy watching my other white people TV shows on premium cable while I DVR Breaking Bad! You fucking assholes! Don’t you know how the internet works?!

Shut your whiny mouth. If you’re not caught up by now and you’re not watching every Sunday I have no sympathy for you.

PS – I just took it one step further – only thing whiter than complaining about spoilers is complaining to those people that they aren’t big enough Breaking Bad fans and deserve to be spoiled. Man I am one predictable white dude.