CamSoda offers Gardner Minshew an endorsement deal for up to $1M.

CamSoda – a site known for their adult livestreams – has apparently offered current Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew “up to $1M” to work out on a weekly livestream for them.


Do my eyes deceive me? Is this fake? I certainly hope not. I love when these live porn sites offer famous people contracts like this. It’s just preposterous, it’s such a desperate attempt at publicity. There’s no way they actually think a professional athlete is just gonna tarnish their image for a couple of bucks. That would be absolutely bananas.

The letter also says they want the Jags QB to be the face of their new “penis puppet” line. I mean how can you say no? Imagine clicking on that stream and seeing Minshew’s dick swinging around in an elephant trunk penis puppet. Think of the kids who would look up Gardner Minshew to find a link to him doing biceps with a jaguar penis puppet on his genitals. They would be scarred for life.


To be fair his outfit screams porn. It’s no shock that they sent this letter after that old photo resurfaced this past weekend.

According to that letter they also reached out to his teammate Nick Foles and Kansas City Chris Jones. That part could very well be a joke but imagine Big Dick Nick just letting it loose as a camgirl? Just think of all the blockheads from Philly who would probably get an exact replica of his schlong tattooed on themselves because he’s such an icon there.

I kinda hope one of them does it because of the content it would produce here but never in a million years should a pro athlete do porn (unless it’s an absurd amount of money).