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Newest Money Update - $65,000 - I Challenge The Billionaire Red Sox Owners To Match The Stoolies Donation Amount If We Beat How Much They Gave


Stoolies Money Update as of 3:00pm  – $65,000.00

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BOSTON, MAThe donation to The One Fund includes a $100,000 contribution from the Red Sox, a $500,000 contribution from MLB and the MLBPA, and a $46,500 check from the Red Sox Foundation as a result of donations made at Fenway Park this weekend by Red Sox fans. “Baseball has become an integral part of the Patriot’s Day celebrations here in Boston,” said Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry. “When the game ends, many of the more than 37,000 fans walk from Fenway Park to the finish line to cheer the Marathon runners on Boylston Street. This tragedy directly affected many of our most ardent fans. We continue to send our sympathies to all who have felt the impact of these terribly sad events.” “We are inspired by Mayor Menino, who has taken the lead in raising money for the many victims of this atrocity. We are also grateful to the Commissioner for his leadership and generosity,” said Werner, who also serves as Chairman of the Red Sox Foundation. “Baseball is a vital social institution with important community responsibilities and obligations. We look forward to working with the Mayor, the Governor, and Major League Baseball as we continue to offer support to the many who were affected but Monday’s tragic events.”


Hey wait a minute? If the Stoolies raise 100K does that mean I get to shake Mumbles hand too? Seriously how embarrassing would it be if I end up with a check that is worth more than what the Red Sox owners donated themselves? These guys are bizillionares. What is 100K to them? A nickel? And The Red Sox Foundation only raised 46K? We’ve beaten that in 3 cumulative hours of the shirt website actually working. Anyway here is my challenge to the Red Sox ownership. If we beat 100K by the end of the tomorrow you match it. Seems fair to me. Win, win for everybody.

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